AquaTrip is a permanently installed leak detection system featuring a fully integrated, automatic shutoff valve.

Functioning as a water trip switch, AquaTrip constantly monitors all plumbing, fittings and water dependent appliances on a given property for leaks. In the event of a leak, plumbing failure or a tap left running, AquaTrip will automatically shut off the water minimizing water damage, excess water bills and superfluous water use. When water to the property is once again needed, it is easily turned back on.

AquaTrip is a smart, programmable system and is able to differentiate between its building’s normal water use and when a water irregularity or plumbing emergency is occurring. This smart technology is empowering property owners by giving them control and visibility into their structure’s plumbing and water flow, transforming the way we think about plumbing emergencies.


AquaTrip will monitor your water supply 24/7.


If a leak is detected AquaTrip will shut off the water


You can easily program the system to suit your lifestyle.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind – AquaTrip is now in control of your plumbing.

Protect your investment

Unlike most other leak detection systems which can only monitor a single appliance, or require sensors to be placed all over the house, AquaTrip monitors your entire plumbing system by continuously tracking all the flow into the property. It can detect very low flow rates, and may be more sensitive than your water meter.

In the past two years, the AquaTrip has detected several different leaks and where taps have been left running or toilets cisterns have stuck open with the water running straight into the bowl, and not filling the cistern.

Mike Gosford

Protect your investment from unwarranted water leaks.


AquaTrip Leak Detection
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