AquaTrip Announces Partnership with California Building Industry Association (CBIA)

Sacramento, California– On February 10, 2017, AquaTrip formerly announced its partnership with the California Building Industry Association (CBIA), the leading association for building in the state. Due to the product’s utility and unique technological functionality, CBIA and AquaTrip are aligned in the mission to build the homes Californians both want and need. In drought-stricken California, technology’s cradle, AquaTrip is an especially pertinent product, one that will appeal to the California homebuyer seeking greater control over their water wastage and protection from devastating water damage and mold.

In looking to the future of homebuilding, CBIA recognized AquaTrip’s ability to make newly built and existing homes alike smarter, safer and more water efficient. AquaTrip is proud of its product’s superior technology that offers constant monitoring of a home’s plumbing system while automating shutoff upon leak detection. AquaTrip is truly giving homeowners greater peace of mind in knowing they are safe from devastating water damage, undetected leaks and water waste.

AquaTrip thanks CBIA for their vote of confidence and recognition of both the quality of AquaTrip as well as AquaTrip’s support of the building industry as a whole.

If you are interested in learning more about AquaTrip or to take advantage of discounts currently being offered to early adopters through our Pilot Program visit:

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