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An Aquatrip Leak Detection System is a simple low cost investment in your home that will monitor all your plumbing for years to come.

Commercial Facilities

Commercial building maintenance is an ongoing and often expensive process. Unknown leaks left unchecked can cause massive property damage and high excess water bills.

Insurance Industry

AquaTrip can assist Insurance companies to better manage the risks, and reduce the costs associated with property water damage, by minimising the impact of plumbing failures. 

School and Aged Care Facilities

Occupants of nursing homes or aged care facilities often forget and leave taps running without remembering to turn them off. This often results in flooding of the room and a large waste of water.

Subsistence Housing

Governments in many developing countries are not able to supply sufficient drinking water for new large scale subsistence housing estates – where the water supply is insufficient to cater for the number of homes required to be connected to the water supply.

Water Utilities

By minimising non revenue water claims and water lost to leaks, all water sold can go towards the bottom line of the Utility. Claims for leak reimbursement can be reduced.

Rural and Agriculture

Agricultural and rural properties are often affected by drought and water shortages. Make sure you protect the valuable resources on your property by isolating and protecting the areas where water could be lost to leaks or plumbing failures.

Local Government

Governments must plan their infrastructure requirements to cope with population growth, urban density, climate change and often declining water resources. If a device such as Aquatrip is implemented as part of a Building Code or as part of an Local Government incentive program.

Building Codes

All modern homes have an electricity safety trip switch to protect the electrical appliances and wiring in a house against a short circuit and potential fire or electrocution.

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AquaTrip will minimize water damage to your home and valuables. Save you money by protecting you from excess water bills. Help you save valuable water by eliminating water waste.

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