Company overview

With nearly two decades of experience, Golden State Flow Measurement™ (GSFM) has proudly served Northern California as the sole Sensus Water Measurement Solutions distributor. During that time, we have grown to $15M in annual sales, demonstrating the quality and efficiency of Sensus® products as well as GSFM’s commitment to customer service. Our years of industry expertise and market knowledge have bolstered our success resulting in greater ROI and market resilience throughout the years.

GSFM is more than a distributor of industry leading products. We are focused on the success of our clients and view ourselves as committed partners, exercising full collaboration and engagement in all of our projects.

Our industry and market knowledge along with our implementation expertise has proven to bring greater ROI and ensure longevity. Our obligation to your success involves full engagement on each and every project – in whatever capacity is deemed necessary – as an ongoing partner and not just a vendor.

Our mission

Golden State Flow Measurement™ (GSFM) is committed to the conservation, management and optimization of water and its revenue through cutting-edge infrastructure design and comprehensive solutions.

Authorized AquaTrip Distributor

Protect your investment

Unlike most other leak detection systems which can only monitor a single appliance, or require sensors to be placed all over the house, AquaTrip monitors your entire plumbing system by continuously tracking all the flow into the property. It can detect very low flow rates, and may be more sensitive than your water meter.

In the past two years, the AquaTrip has detected several different leaks and where taps have been left running or toilets cisterns have stuck open with the water running straight into the bowl, and not filling the cistern.

Mike Gosford

Protect your investment, your valuables and your wallet.


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