PCBC: AquaTrip Ready!

The largest homebuilding trade show on the west coast, the Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC) was held this week at the San Diego Convention Center. With over 10,000 colleagues present and thousands of builders in attendance, the annual two-day conference was extremely successful! 

It was so exciting to showcase our innovative and award-winning water damage prevention product, AquaTrip, with attendees. We received very positive reviews across the board from builders, developers, and architects. All came to the conclusion that AquaTrip is a much needed and valuable addition to a property.



AquaTrip monitors a property’s plumbing system by tracking the water flow into the property and will automatically shut off the water supply if a leak is detected, ultimately saving property owners from water damage, excess water bills and saving property owners from one gigantic headache! 

PCBC offered innovators in home technology and trends the chance to network and learn. It was a pleasure to speak with such diverse builders and groundbreaking inventors during the trade show.

We even had the opportunity to sit down with the Carey Brothers to discuss AquaTrip on their podcast, “On The House”.

The podcast will be airing Saturday, July 1st on their website, www.onthehouse.com.



AquaTrip was also awarded the prize for outstanding achievement in this year’s Parade of Products (POP) at PCBC. A panel of judges chose each winner based on innovation, practicality, and design.

We want to thank PCBC for having us and also thank our GSFM staff who continue to make all of this possible! 

If you are interested in learning more about AquaTrip, taking advantage of our discounts currently being offered or trying out our Pilot Program visit: http://buyaquatrip.com.

To read more about this year’s PCBC events visit: https://www.pcbc.com/

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