The AT301 is an advanced wirelessly controlled programmable Leak Detection System with automatic shutoff valve. It is easily fitted inline on your main incoming water pipe, and acts as a Water Safety Trip Switch, monitoring all your plumbing. It is designed to detect the difference between your normal water use and a leak, and will shut off the water if a leak is detected or a tap, hose or appliance is left running.

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The system is controlled by the portable wireless Control Panel which is used to program and operate all the functions of the system. The system is powered by long life batteries so needs no wiring or electrical connection.

By using an optional cable, the Control Unit can interface with your existing water meter, to show real time water consumption and cost information, but only if the meter has been enabled with an output.

• Patented Leak Sensor with integrated Shutoff Valve. Shuts off water once leak is detected
• Portable wireless Control Panel to easily program and control the system
• Fast Test Facility allows rapid check of system functions
• System Check Procedure assists in quick identification of leaks once detected
• Leak Detection system has Peak and Off peak water usage modes to enhance detection capability
• Early Warning Indicator alerts user to impending water shut off – e.g. prevents user being caught in the shower with no water
• Home/Away mode for increased leak detection protection – Automatic or Manual settings available
• Battery Power Level indicators with low battery warning alarm
• Nightwatch mode for increased overnight leak detection sensitivity
• Sleep Mode – Programmable exclusion period disables flow monitor if required – e.g. for when using garden irrigation
• Short term system override from Control Panel for occasional longer than normal water usage
• Emergency manual override facility if system needs to be turned off for building work/maintenance
• Water can be shut off from the Control Panel – no need to access the incoming main tap for plumbing maintenance
• Replacable mesh filter protects sensing hardware from debris in water supply
• Optional wireless Wetness Sensors available for more localised leak detection (see Accessories listing – WS1 & WS2)
• Accessory Port may allow connection of movement sensors, hard wired reset switches or water meter signal input.
• Can display water consumption and cost if connected to existing water meter (requires optional cable and
only if the water meter has a compatible pulse output)

• Available with a choice of PVC or Stainless Steel Shutoff Valves to suit your incoming pipe size or material

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