Commercial Buildings

The maintaining of commercial buildings is an ongoing, expensive process. Water and plumbing issues are often a major contributor to high overhead costs as leaks that are left unchecked or unseen often cause major damage and result in higher water bills. AquaTrip systems help solve this problem by empowering you to better control your plumbing, water and maintenance costs.

Should a leak or other plumbing emergency occur, the automatic water shutoff curbs damage and also assists in cost reduction by eliminating expensive after hours plumbing calls. Knowing a leak is under control allows you to wait until the next day to call a plumber. An added bonus of installing AquaTrip is that it also improves the sustainability rating and green footprint of your building.

Restrooms in offices are often subject to high levels of use and low levels of maintenance. It is not uncommon for leaking urinals, jammed toilet cistern fillers and aging fittings to leak for long periods before repair is scheduled. During that lag time, millions of gallons of water are wasted, property damage can occur and excess water costs mount. AquaTrip’s specialized flow control systems can be installed in public restrooms to control water waste while still allowing uninterrupted use of the facility.

Beach and campground facilities bring with them a unique host of challenges. Often these bathrooms are located in remote areas and as such, are infrequently maintained or serviced. As a result, these facilities are more vulnerable to vandalism, as well as water supply issues, typically being fed through tanks or other limited supply sources.

The AquaTrip system acts as an in-house plumbing maintenance manager by stopping water flow to leaks, plumbing failures or a faucet left running. At the same time, AquaTrip does not cause any service interruption to the facility. This ensures that while awaiting servicing or repair, a hard to reach facility or one with limited water remains in service while minimizing damage or waste.

For high traffic facilities, such as those in schools or sports facilities, we recommend installing AquaTrip to monitor during off hours. By keeping AquaTrip in sleep mode during a facility’s operating hours and active upon closing, the system can more readily detect leaks in facilities with unceasing use. If a leak is detected by AquaTrip, the water supply is automatically shut off and the system notifies maintenance of the issue. When the facility reopens, the water supply is turned back on automatically regardless if a leak is present or not, avoiding inconvenience and confusion while awaiting plumbing service.

For those who contend with forgetfulness due to health conditions or aging, AquaTrip is a wise investment in order to avoid long running taps, subsequent flooding and water waste expenses. When installed with a shutoff valve, AquaTrip will detect the irregular flow amount and will turn off the water. The occupant is then able to utilize a conveniently located reset switch to return water service to their room. AquaTrip is even able to send a signal to management showing that the water has been turned off in a given area, supporting staff in ensuring residents’ well-being and safety by acting as a warning of a potential emergency.

Protect your investment

Unlike most other leak detection systems which can only monitor a single appliance, or require sensors to be placed all over the house, AquaTrip monitors your entire plumbing system by continuously tracking all the flow into the property. It can detect very low flow rates, and may be more sensitive than your water meter.

In the past two years, the AquaTrip has detected several different leaks and where taps have been left running or toilets cisterns have stuck open with the water running straight into the bowl, and not filling the cistern.

Mike Gosford

Protect your investment from unwarranted water leaks.


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