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Your home is the most important place for you and your family. AquaTrip leak detection systems offer you a simple low cost, long lasting solution that will monitor your home’s plumbing for years to come. By detecting the unseen, AquaTrip offers you a window of control into one of the most costly systems within your home, your plumbing. Keep your home dry and leak-free by installing an AquaTrip leak detection system.

AquaTrip systems offer unmatched peace of mind to homeowners and rental property owners alike. This is especially true when dealing with older plumbing systems that are more likely to have issues.

Existing homes and apartments can benefit from an AquaTrip system with little hassle. The AquaTrip system is easily installed in basements, kitchens or garages; at the entrance point for the main water line or at the water meter in situations where water comes in from the street.* By adding this worthwhile technology to your property, you are helping protect yourself from inconvenient, expensive plumbing disasters.
(environmental conditions permitting)

Vacation homes and other properties that are frequently unoccupied for long periods lend themselves to a unique vulnerability when it comes to plumbing emergencies. Burst pipes, flooding and water damage are costly and inconvenient but greatly more so when left unaddressed for weeks or months.

By choosing to install an AquaTrip system, you will have peace of mind knowing that your vacation property is being monitored and protected against devastating plumbing emergencies while you are away.

Water heaters are a frequent source of water damage. When water heaters fail, flooding and major water damage almost assuredly follow. In fact, in 2013 alone there were over 800,000 reported incidents involving water heater failures in the United States.

Using either AquaTrip’s flow or sensor based system, appliances such as water heaters, dishwashers, water dispensers, washing machines and ice makers can be continuously monitored for irregularities. AquaTrip also has specially developed wetness detectors to monitor moisture in areas that could be subject to water damage from leaks or pipe ruptures, shutting off the water upon their detection.

When building your dream home, make sure you help protect your investment by protecting your property against potentially devastating water damage. Not only will an AquaTrip system keep damage in check by shutting off the water flow, a new home offers the infrastructure to take advantage of AquaTrip’s other beneficial features. The AquaTrip system can be hardwired directly into your home’s wifi, electrical and plumbing systems for seamless control and automation capabilities. AquaTrip is a useful addition to any new home by making it smarter, safer and more automated.

Insufficient drinking water supply is a frequent problem in developing countries. Providing large-scale subsistence housing units with adequate drinking water is an ongoing challenge faced by many governments. More often than not, there are more people connected to a given supply than it can support.

By using AquaTrip, government authorities can leverage its ability to limit and control water supply by individual housing units or a group of units. This empowers authorities to ration control amounts of water, maintaining its supply and ensuring all households are provided with an optimum quantity. This inturn limits water waste or overuse by a given household, freeing up much needed water for other occupants.

Protect your investment

Unlike most other leak detection systems which can only monitor a single appliance, or require sensors to be placed all over the house, AquaTrip monitors your entire plumbing system by continuously tracking all the flow into the property. It can detect very low flow rates, and may be more sensitive than your water meter.

In the past two years, the AquaTrip has detected several different leaks and where taps have been left running or toilets cisterns have stuck open with the water running straight into the bowl, and not filling the cistern.

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Protect your investment from unwarranted water leaks.


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