Trends to Watch: The New American Home

The technological revolution is an ongoing and pervasive part of our world as a whole. People camp out for the latest smartphone, Tesla vehicle and more. As technology continues to weave itself throughout the many facets of our lives, it comes as no surprise that technology for homes is a rapidly growing market.

Automation, smart technology and green technology are all highly sought after by buyers and builders alike in hopes of making the homeownership experience less labor intensive, more affordable and of course, smarter.

Here are a few of our top picks for smart and green home trends you can expect to see more of this year.

Alexa and her new Integrations: Most are familiar with Amazon’s smart home AI Personal Assistant, the Echo or “Alexa” as she’s known to users. Upon release, Alexa made ordering from Amazon as simple as saying aloud to her what you needed.. She also helped out in the kitchen when one was at a loss for what to cook and could quickly lookup facts that you were dying to know. As to be expected, Amazon was not done developing Echo and has really added value by breaking Alexa out of her previously exclusive Echo platform. A wide array of companies are now applying the Alexa command technology in their own upcoming products, including: Ford cars, Whirlpool appliances and Huawei smartphones. For a full list of burgeoning Alexa products, check out this list from The Verge.

Clean Water Technology:Water is essential for life and without it, a home is really not a home at all. As more and more areas experience both drought and decreases in water quality, it should come as no surprise that technology is being made available to improve and manage water in your home. Expect to see continued growth in both, the functionality and choices available in whole home water filtration systems. Reverse osmosis systems, while expensive are becoming increasingly popular, offering health conscious consumers the purest water possible on demand.

Smart Windows: Imagine windows that do more than just provide a protected portal to the outdoors. Today’s smart windows are offering homeowners control via smartphone and even physical gestures. Equipped with heat sensing window treatments, the windows of tomorrow will adjust in opacity and tint to help keep homes at ideal temperatures. Smart glass is also on the horizon for windows, which will make for interactive windows with digital displays, allowing the occupant to control temperature, lighting and more with a simple swipe of the fingertip. Not only will these smart windows reinvent the rather stagnant window of old, it will also feed into the desire for green, energy-saving technologies. Read more about the future of windows here.

Robots: Unlikely to be afforded by most, at least at first, multiple companies are aiming to make robots the new home must-have. If you are familiar with voice command technology for homes such as the Echo or Google Home, then picture these technologies in a mobile robot with additional physical functionality. Some are being made with specific functions such as the Kuri, which is a miniature, friendly looking security guard who keeps an eye on your home. Expect companies like LG, Baidu and Mayfield Robotics to be the first on the scene in this arena.

Plumbing and Water Control Technology: For managing water via plumbing control, AquaTrip is the cutting-edge product you can expect to see more of. As homeowners seek to have insight into all the systems of their homes via technology, AquaTrip is the answer for the expensive and rather elusive plumbing system that one hopes never fails them. Expensive to repair and fraught with major water damage potential, plumbing failures and their subsequent catastrophic results account for far more insurance claims than fire. Homeowners and builders seeking a way to protect their properties from devastating water crisis, will love all the security AquaTrip provides as it continually monitors the entirety of a home’s plumbing system, stopping flow at the first signs of even minor leaks. Currently, the company is offering deep discounts to first adopters. So if you’re looking for a deal on the latest and greatest, check out their website for more details on their pilot program:

Get ready for the homes of the future. With more capabilities, interactions, integrations and functionality than ever before, these technologies and more like them will continue to shape our day to day lives.

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